Packed Harp hosts Art Steele Benefit

Fabulous Night at Harp Girl Mission Control for Art Steele Benefit Concert!!  Who's Who of area stars...major thanks to WMUA, corporate sponsors, the Harp, my band for hosting, goes (please don't let me forget anyone):  Donna Hebert, Dawn and Jeff, Eva Capelli and band, Tommy Filiault, Roger Salloom, Jeff Hinrichs, Matt Ingellis, Wally Greaney, Mark Nomad, Dan Thomas, Brian Cavanaugh, John Coelho, Janet Ryan, Ray Chaput, Steve Toutant, Dave Boatwright, John Sheldon, Johnny Marino, James Ti, Brian DiMartino, Nate Martel, Tom Shack, Mark Snow,Guy Devito, Dave Robinson...also Dave from my Noho Bowling Jam(don't believe i have a last name, played awesome, though)....also an appearance by Art himself, played much better than he claimed he would!....and special thanks to guys who gave up their spots, esp. Myron Becker (who'll join me Fri in Wendell!) and Joe Dulude.  If the Harp Girls can get all these stars to play this good together, we need to get them to Fenway Park right away!  Hope to see some of you on Sun. in Northampton, where the incendiary Shanta Paloma guests this week  (Dave B. next week...then maybe Art!)

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