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Global blues radio interview

Cat on the Edge-Boston City Hall

This from the Tidewater Blues Fest:   


You know man it's hard to believe but you are even better in concert than I ever expected you to be such a good show man I'm still just blown away! You guys kicked ass, and your wireless guitar roaming around the building climbing up the stairs and standing on the table definitely raise the bar for next year's Tidewater Blues Festival thanks again buddy! 


Reached #1 on Radio Guitar One

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The new album Here lies A Fool, already being called Wildcat's best, is being played in Buffalo, Ontario, Honolulu, Boston ( everywhere in Massachusetts, including Amherst, Springfield,Salem, Waltham, and Lowell)....4 stations in Maine,plus Dallas, North AND South Carolina also Nebraska, California, New Hampshire, and the U K.....also all over the internet, already reaching #1 on Radio Guitar One!!

This album was #88 for the year in 2021 RMR Blues chart ( #19 in Blues-Rock!)


   New CD You Can't Fall Off the Floor was in the charts for months. (#88 for the year on RMR!}..great radio support!!! Now Here Lies A Fool is creeping upward...Living Blues review is now in "Press/Reviews"!
The Wildcat O'Halloran Band....we've opened for everyone from Greg Allman to the Stray Cats....we've been Bo Diddley's backing band.......and we've been keeping the blues alive (and awake!) in New England for over 20 years...Our latest CD- You Can't Fall Off the Floor being played on over 250 stations worldwide, and got rave reviews everywhere!







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