Valley Advocate loves Cat!

The Wildcat won Valley Advocate Grand band Slam 2012 in Blues category... now this review has come in:


The Wildcat O'Halloran Band

Cougar Bait Blues

(Dove's Nest)

Putting in Cougar Bait Blues is like transporting yourself directly to a New England summer barbecue. Its fun, unpolished sound is unpretentious and speaks to simple days and warm nights. Wildcat O'Halloran's vocals are gravelly and marked by a distinct Americana twang. " If You Don't Do What I Want" is a funky love song duet in which Emmalyn Hicks' silky, soulful voice balances out Wildcat's sandpaper gruffness. The album as a whole has an old-timey, trucker-blues feel, and "Come In My Kitchen" pays homage to the blues ballad with its clear acoustic sound. Wildcat and Emmalyn make a great duo, and dish out true blue American sounds without taking themselves too seriously. Cougar Bait Blues may not win you any music geek credit with your friends, but few would complain about its upbeat guitar riffs and perky drums at an outdoor party.

—Kathleen Broadhurst  

only one quibble....some of that pretty singing is actually Celia Miller, and some is Chani poor liner notes to blame!

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