Katie Strikes Back!!

so ANYWAY.... being a non-commercial, partiallyuniversity-supported station, our mandate includes education, and the systematic degredation of African-American additions to our culture creepily echoes the inherent bedrock racism that this country was built on, and still stands.  Kids need to know who Leadbelly was, and they deserve to find themselves tapping their foot to Joe Hill Louis, even though they don't know who he was, and even when he was alive, he wouldn't have made the pages of People Magazine.   Those of us who are not making money off our tiny sub-industry probably have a slightly different view than the folks who actually WORK in this tiny sub-industry, even "in your spare time".   But people on both sides of that equation can see that the blues is a Gift from the african-american culture to our wider American culture, and to refuse that gift or degrade it, would be rude.  I think educating people about the past of this music, and moving it forward by innovation, are both good.  So where's my blog?  I dont' know if any of that would warrant an edit or not - and the JLH story is still funny, so it's all good!

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