Former Sheehan's Legend visits Noho...also E. Brookfield and Holyoke!

The Wildcat, who used to rock Northampton regularly at Sheehan's Cafe, has been seen much less frequently in Noho in recent years...but on Sat. June 30, he's BACK! !! at The Basement, Center St. Northampton (across from Iron Horse, behind new Police Station)---8-10:30 PM....and it's not to soon to hit the Cat for tix to the Blues Guitar Summit  at Iron Horse on Fri. Aug. 3, when he shares the stage with Duke Robillard!!!

The Cat will also make a cameo at the Holyoke Firefighters Benefit, joining old pal Ray Chaput at the Elks Club in Afternoon of 6/30!!

Then on Sun. July 1, Wildcat is featured guest at the famous Dunny's Blues Jam---4-8PM on rte 9 in E. Brookfield...with house band the Living Bras

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