The Wildcat O'Halloran Band
 New Album is Here!!.....see first rave review under "press"..ironically named : "That Boy Don't Play No Blues"....the Cat transforms Disco, Gospel, Santana...and even a Sting song which now features Donald Trump!!..and check out latest live video!

The Wildcat O'Halloran Band  

      bored with run-of-the-mill blues??   Click "store" to get Wildcat's latest..."knocks the blues down a peg while simultaneously lifting them up"--Living Blues

If You're looking for something different, check out Wildcat O’Halloran’s “Too Much Weekend” blues jam in Northampton every Sunday 4-8pm at the City Sports Bar (Northampton Bowling Alley). It’s a crazy fun confluence of music and social intermingling, kind of like a high school dance. Other may copy, but there’s only one Wildcat! A longtime reigning regional talent on the blues scene, Wildcat is a charming host and warmly welcomes guests to his weekly party (Free Pizza while it lasts!!).  Wildcat is a freaking genius at magicking up instant bands in an endlessly entertaining stream of action (but who knew he was also a twinkle toes on the dance floor!?)  Each week the jam features a special guest followed by those who sign up to play.  It's always a surprise to see who shows up and how Wildcat makes it flow. The jam draws popular local musicians like Tommy Whalen,  Eva Capelli and Charlie Scott, to courageous first time jammers nourished by the enthusiastic encouragement they receive. One minute Wildcat’s screaming guitar sends dancers into a frenzy, and the next, the audience and musicians are treated to Wildcat on drums or bass. You never know what will happen but a good time is pretty much guaranteed.
Winning last year’s Valley Advocate Grand Slam Championship seemed like a turning point and the future is looking bright for the Cat.  "Party up in Heaven" is being played across the country and climbing the blues charts and was just submitted to the Blues Music Awards. If you've got the blues, don't reach for the pharmaceuticals, reach for Wildcat O'halloran. 


 The Wildcat O'Halloran Band....we've opened for everyone from Greg Allman to the Stray Cats....we've been Bo Diddley's backing band....we won the last Valley Advocate grand blues Slam....and we've been keeping the blues alive (and awake!) in New England for over 20 years...Our latest CD- Midnight Service Call is still being played on over 250 stations worldwide, and got rave reviews everywhere, including the February Living Blues Magazine...We're now going on 4 years at our Sunday Jam in Northampton Mass  (City Sports Grille), and making some inroads on the local festival circuit....we also ventured out to Millenium Music Conference in Pa., and a bunch of NYC gigs, including the Big Apple Indie Music Series



 Party Up in Heaven!!! 


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Upcoming Shows

Jan 7, 2017
Fort Hill Brewery
Easthampton Massachusetts

Sunderland-to-Sunderland Collaboration

Upcoming shows

Jan 7, 2017
Fort Hill Brewery
Easthampton Massachusetts

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The WildCat O'Halloran Band


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