re-broadcast Fri....and it's really in Sheffield (UK)

Les Young 6:57am Sep 4
our chat is at I chatted with Cat and listened to some of his great CD 'Cougar Bait Blues'. You can listen to our chat here

The show goes out again as a repeat on friday at 22:00 UK time

Cat now famous in Sunderland...the one in England, dude

On Labor Day, the cat will be interviewed live on Les Young's Blues show from Sunderland UK....about 3:15 PM our time   (8:15 in England)...and it's really in Sheffield (Johnny Allen of the Bollocks hometown, I believe)

Here's the link to listen in: 

B'man Very Enthusiastic!

B'Man's Blues Review very pleased with Cougar CD  (and I'm very pleased that he singles out Emily Duff's sax solo on All Your Fault, which is a pitch-perf ect example of sensitivity and taste....which, of course sets up my solo perfectly...I don't use those elements much!)  Here's the whole thing:


Doves Nest Records artist; Wildcat O'Halloran Band - Cougar Bait Blues - New Release Review

I have been listening to the new release, Cougar Bait Blues, by the Wildcat O'Halloran Band. This recording has a little bit of something for everyone. First the band is fully loaded with 13 musicians playing drums, horns, guitars and vocals. The recording opens with Too Big To Cry So I Might As Well Laugh, a country rock style track twisted with humor. Bottled Bravery and Canned Courage is a real cool horn track right out of New Orleans. If You Won't Do What I Want gets the funk line going with solid vocals and a slick guitar solo for a very entertaining track. Magic Sam's All Your Fault takes a traditional blues line and the horns take the backseat to a more traditional stripped down blues sound. There are particularly nice sax and guitar solos on this track as well. The title track, Cougar Bait Blues, finds a two guitar solo exchange which is pretty tasty. Sam and Dave's Hold On, I'm Coming gets a more traditional blues/rock run (as opposed to the R&B treatment as original) turning to a fairly nice vocal duet and featuring some smart harp work. Better Luck Next Time finds another trip to New Orleans but this time with more of the NO R&B sound. The track does nicely feature the musicians including guitar and horns. Come In My Kitchen is done acoustically with guitar and vocal duet. A very nice rendition of thie Robert Johnson track. Redneck Woman hits the blues rock sound head on making for a cool crowd pleaser and an opportunity to get that harp back out front again. Daisy Dukes is another blues rock track featuring again some pretty nice guitar work and solid backing from the band. The final track, I Worship The Ground She Walks All Over Me On, again shows O'Halloran's sense of humor and ability to blend great musicianship with crafty lyrics.

This is an interesting recording and one that anyone who likes a variety of blues styles as well as humour in their blues should check out.

Current Radio report for Cougar Bait Blues CD

Here's the stations playing Cougar Bait Blues by Wildcat....not listing all the syndicated stations that feature Blues Deluxe (150+)...and for some reason WMWM (Salem) and WTCC (Springfield) not listed :


Radio Airplay Report

Wildcat O’Halloran  Band – Cougar Bait Blues – Dove Nest Records



Blues Deluxe – Syndicated – See attached

WQLN- Erie Pennsylvania

WCNI -New London - Connecticut

WITR - Rochester - New York

WBFO - Buffalo - New York

WMWV- Conway - New Hampshire

WPCR- Plymouth - New Hampshire

WMUA - Amherst - Massachusetts

WUML - Lowell - Massachusetts

WMEB -Orono - Maine

WBOR - Brunswick - Maine

WRBC - Lewiston - Maine

WIZN - Burlington - Vermont

WVPE - Elkhart - Indiana

WBGU- Bowling Green - Ohio

WDPS - Dayton - Ohio

WEFT - Champaign - Illinois

WKCC - Kankakee - Illinois

WYKT - Wilmington- Illinois

WGVU - Grand Rapids - Michigan

WMNC - Traverse City - Michigan

WFOS - Chesapeake - Virginia

WWCU - Cullowhee - North Carolina

WEVL - Memphis - Tennessee

WDVX - Knoxville - Tennessee

WWOZ - New Orleans - Louisiana

WUCF - Orlando - Florida

WMNF- Tampa - Florida

KTEP - El Paso - Texas

KUNM - Albuquerque - New Mexico

KKIT - Taos - New Mexico

KMEC- Willits - California

KSCU- Santa Clara - California

KFSR - Fresno - California

KXGO - Eureka - California

KHUM - Humboldt County - California

KSJS - San Jose - California

KRSH - Santa Rosa - California

KEGR - Concord - California

KZUM - Lincoln - Nebraska

KIOS - Omaha - Nebraska

KMSU- Mankato - Minnesota

KMSK - Mankato - Minnesota

KRUE- Owatonna - Minnesota

KRVM - Eugene - Oregon

KAOS - Olympia - Washington

KKZX - Spokane - Washington

KMXT - Kodiak - Alaska

KTUH - Honolulu – Hawaii

Hot FM – Australia

3 Way Radio – Australia


After trying to resist, Living Blues finds new CD "Irresistible"

After trying to resist, Living Blues finds Cougar Bait Blues "irresistible"!!

Wildcat News

New Booking Agency (Simon Says) seems to have some juice!   Off to play legendary Stone Church in Newmarket, NH during their Oysterfest....meanwhile CD continues to get airplay (KKUH in Honolulu seems to like acoustic R. Johnson song)....also hearing from Washington, New London, CT....and Sunderland (UK) where I'll be doing a live interview on Labor Day...Lightning Boy is away, schmoozing with the Hollywood types, so tonight we have sax virtuoso Mark Whitney....and next week, we play the Shemeika Copeland afterparty (Basement...across from Noho Iron Horse)...then Pumphouse in Southbridge.

Former Sheehan's Legend visits Noho...also E. Brookfield and Holyoke!

The Wildcat, who used to rock Northampton regularly at Sheehan's Cafe, has been seen much less frequently in Noho in recent years...but on Sat. June 30, he's BACK! !! at The Basement, Center St. Northampton (across from Iron Horse, behind new Police Station)---8-10:30 PM....and it's not to soon to hit the Cat for tix to the Blues Guitar Summit  at Iron Horse on Fri. Aug. 3, when he shares the stage with Duke Robillard!!!

The Cat will also make a cameo at the Holyoke Firefighters Benefit, joining old pal Ray Chaput at the Elks Club in Afternoon of 6/30!!

Then on Sun. July 1, Wildcat is featured guest at the famous Dunny's Blues Jam---4-8PM on rte 9 in E. Brookfield...with house band the Living Bras

Busy week for Cat

Busy week for Cat and Band!!!

Got onto syndicated Blues Deluxe show, will run on 107 stations week of July's their Net version .  Also in Bud Light Battle of the Bands, can vote for us at : 


Meanwhile, at Theodore's, Spfld on Fri. 6/22 (voted #1 Blues Club in U.S.)

and Sat., we hit Manhattan!   L4 Black Door, 7:30PM, 41 Murray St.


Rooster Radio adds Wildcat

Here's letter from Rooster Radio about our new CD, Cougar Bait Blues:




I really enjoyed your new album. The following tracks will start into rotation next week and should be heard on a fairly regular basis the following week.


Come In My Kitchen

Too Big To Cry So I Might As Well Laugh

Hold On I'm Comin

If You Won't Do What I Want

All Your Fault


For that special seasonal feeling, we'll play Xmas Divorce in December.


Best Regards,


Bill Cooper


new CD interview

See new interview abou us and new CD Cougar Bait Blues, which is already on Blues radio from here to Australia


Who’s The Wildcat O’Halloran Band? How you guys all met? I’ve been playing as Wildcat since the 80’s, but had pretty much stopped until I met Nate (Lightning Boy) Dana at a benefit for a local clubowner who had died in a car crash (coincidentally at the Harp, home of the now-famous Harp Girls). Turned out he was playing in a rock band with a local bassist (Steve Toutant) who had been with one of my local blues rivals for years. We brought in John Coelho on drums ( who had also played the benefit) and were off to the races. After we got too busy for John and Steve, we brought in new blood, including Matt (Loverboy) McManamon. Dana Tolman is our current drummer.


What’s the meaning behind the band’s name? It means I was tired of being “Wild Bill”


How would you describe your sound? We’re “Not your father’s Blues Band!” Tight arrangements, high energy guitar, uptempo, fun, funny songs!


What are your music influences? Allman Bros. (we opened for Greg here), Buddy Guy, Albert King, James Cotton (we were his backing band during one visit to N.E., People bring up Stevie Ray Vaughn a lot


Cougar Bait Blues. How was the recording and writing process for this album? How you guys came out with the title? Any release date yet? We were on a Boston radio show, and they kept advertising this young band, Cougar Bait. My guys couldn’t stop laughing at the name….so I emailed them and asked “If I write a Cougar Bait song, will you guys sing on it?” They looked up my music online and dug it, and away we went. CD is out, available on CDBaby, Itunes,Amazon, etc…. can click on an icon at We recorded at Northfire Studios, a state-of-the-art new studio in Amherst, with MANY,MANY special guests (actually Cougar Bait recorded at their own studio and we mixed them in at Northfire. We work really fast in the studio, most of the basic tracks done the first day…actually, on the previous CD, I didn’t schedule enough stuff for the first day and we quit early….with basics, my solos, my vocals, and one backup vocalist all done…THAT was SERIOUSLY quick!!


What has been the funniest moment you guys have been or took part while touring? Well, there was that girl in Montague with the electrified bra….


Are there any more plans for the future? If CD builds on the reception of previous (Drinkin’ With The Harp Girls…was on 200+ stations), would like to move up to festival work…maybe a live album this year


What’s your method at the time of writing a song? Like the great Motown writers, I like to start with a catchy title, and then tell the story it suggests to me…like I worship The Ground She Walks All Over Me On, for example, or All I Want For Xmas is a Divorce (my wife’s favorite tune…..hmm)


Do you guys feel you are moving on the right direction? Just scratching the surface musically, Lightning Boy and I are developing something approaching ESP (or at least ESPN), bass and drums rockin’ every house they visit…add awesome guests and Harp Girls (who have a brilliant “show sense” of what to add). But, in a down economy, we’re gonna need to catch the attention of someone who can give us a boost….Bruce Iglauer of Alligator says he might pitch a song or two to his artists….maybe someone you know loves Blues?


Upcoming Shows

Mar 2, 2018
fort hill brewery
Easthampton Massachusetts
Mar 7, 2018
The Bull Run
Shirley MA
Mar 23, 2018
shutesbury AC
Shutesbury Ma
Apr 9, 2018
Gardner Ale House
Gardner MA
May 19, 2018
Fort Hill Brewery
Easthampton Massachusetts

Buy Wildcat cd!!!

Upcoming shows

Mar 2, 2018
fort hill brewery
Easthampton Massachusetts
Mar 7, 2018
The Bull Run
Shirley MA
Mar 23, 2018
shutesbury AC
Shutesbury Ma
Apr 9, 2018
Gardner Ale House
Gardner MA
May 19, 2018
Fort Hill Brewery
Easthampton Massachusetts

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